Wednesday, October 24, 2007

agency: EVB

Brotherhood was an extremely complex, multidimensional adidas project involving four different ad agencies. I was the writer from EVB, the interactive team. To tell the truth there wasn’t much copywriting; we threw our scripted content away when it turned out the NBA players were more comfortable in one-on-one interviews. So what's a writer to do on set for 10 long days?

Well I am a creative problem solver first, and a scribbler second. So I grabbed a handheld camera and became a one-man second unit, capturing content for outtakes, YouTube clips and viral videos that basketball-crazed kids around the world would go stupid over.

Caught lots of great off-the-set moments: Dwight freestyle rapping (and impersonating Michael Jackson.) Gil Arenas annihilating all challengers at Halo 2. Macho ballers submitting to the makeup lady. Just a bunch of NBA greats getting paid and having a ball. Kevin Garnett began calling me American Beauty--the freaky kid with the movie camera.

I found a way to add value. The agency got tons of extra content. It was cool.